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All bets are on flat races only. The majority of bets are on turf during the summer and on the AW during the winter.

There is no hard and fast rule to the type of selections but they are mainly win or each way singles depending on the price of the horse. There is the odd occasion where I recommend backing two horses in the same race if I think the odds are in our favour.

I am not in favour of a staggered staking plan. All bets are calculated to a 2 pt level stake per bet. So when we back a horse in a race it will either be a 2 pt win or 1 pt ew and when we back two horses in the same race it will be 1 pt win on each horse.  All selections and staking will be clearly stated.

Every bet that is advised is of equal strength and is not given out unless I am 100% happy we are backing the right horse in the right conditions at the right price.

The risk of ante post betting is obvious and is rare throughout the course of the year. However if I think that a horse is overpriced for a particular race then I will recommend we back it.

There is no right or wrong amount in what each client stakes per bet. My only advice is to bet with the amount that you feel comfortable with. Just remember whatever amount you decide for each bet to keep your stakes equal for each selection.

I want to see the majority of bookmakers’ prices before I recommend a bet to make sure we are getting the correct price. Only by seeking out value and backing horses at bigger odds than their true price will we be successful in the long run. The availability of price depends on the meeting, ranging from ante post, to the evening before a race and some not until late morning on the actual day. We need to be aware of when different races are priced up and all subscribers will be advised of the selections by 1pm on the day of the race.

It is advisable to have as many bookmakers accounts as possible to make sure we are getting the best price available and therefore maximising profits. When I recommend a selection I endeavour to make sure it is available at the recommended price with as many firms as possible. I obviously cannot guarantee what will happen to the price between naming the selection and to when various clients place their bets but I always try to make the price genuinely available.

Many bookmakers have various offers to try and get us to bet with them. One of the best offers is ‘Best Odds Guaranteed’ which is available either via phone or internet depending on the bookmaker. This is where they pay out at the price that is taken or at SP whichever one is bigger if the bet has a return on it.

The last few years has seen the boom of the betting exchanges with Betfair being the market leader in this field. We can often get bigger odds on Betfair than with the traditional bookmakers, although you must remember to factor in their commission if placing a bet with them.  I have no problem betting on Betfair but would always want to see the majority of bookmakers prices first.

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